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Class Schedule below

Thursday, April 22nd  7:30pm- 9pm

Content Creation & Hashtag Plans

The secret is in the sauce... whether you know it or not, you are drawn to social media accounts that have a clear message.   In this 1.5 hour class, we’ll walk you through how to define your brand/message and develop a content strategy.   We’ll also cover how to choose your hashtags, when and where to use them and how to create a hashtag plan so you can eliminate the stress with each post. 

Wednesday, April 28th 6pm- 7:30pm

The OTHER Apps - Clubhouse, Pinterest & Tiktok

Are you on Clubhouse?  Should you be?  What about Tickok?  Is Pinterest for you? (shhh Pinterest is a super power)   In this 1.5 hour class, we’ll take a deeper look at the “other apps”, talk about which ones are a good fit for your goals and how to best leverage your time on them.   

Thursday, May 6th  7:30pm- 9pm

Iphone photography - Editing apps & Tricks 

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Spend this 1.5 hour class learning how to take better photos with your mobile phone.  Explore what apps we use to edit our photos and make them picture perfect.   Be ready to shoot and edit  your own photos with this hands-on class. 

Wednesday, May 12th 6pm- 7:30pm

15 Things you didn’t know you could do on Canva

After being asked numerous times, “How did you do that?” I realized there was a need for this class on Canva!    We’ll go through 15 things you didn’t know you could do on Canva to really spice up your social media content, create marketing materials and even organize your computer.  No graphic design budget for your small business?  No problem. We’ll go through all the ways you can make your business look professional too! 

Canva Pro subscription recommended but not necessary.   

One-on-One 2 Hour Account Audit

Price is $80

Need someone to take a look at your instagram account and help you spruce it up?  We’ll review your bio, look at your overall branding, touch on what tools you could be using to enhance your content and do an overhaul on your account.  Additional hours can be added upon request.

Hourly Account Guidance

Price is $40/hour

You’ve taken the classes, completed an account audit and you still need help understanding what you could be doing better.  Hourly one on one sessions will focus on the elements you decide you need help tackling.  A 2 hour audit is required to be completed first. 

Additional class dates may be added based on demand.  

PRIVATE GROUP CLASSES also available.  Email to inquire. 


If you see a class listed below, inquire if we will be adding additional dates, or if you would like to set up a one-on-one for this class. 

Stories, Reels and IGTV

Did you know that video performs much better than pictures on Instagram?  Using Stories, Reels and IGTV along with your feed posts is basically non-negotiable for growth on Instagram.   Spend an hour and a half with “the story queen” learning how to make your stories more engaging, the easiest and quickest way to make a Reel and how to add to your IGTV content.  

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